Brahminical patriarchy: How it still affects millions of Indian youth

Recently, the man himself, Jack Dorsey, made the mistake of traveling to the land of the holy cows. Regret must be the first thing he did after going back. He committed the crime which the nation couldn’t forgive him for.

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(Source : The Wire)

The rage that followed on Twitter shows how sensitive and intolerant the nation is. Either people feel Brahminical patriarchy is no more prevalent in the system or they are the ones defending it. Both are equally shocking.

What is Brahminical Patriarchy?

As the name suggests, the term Brahminical patriarchy refers to the current state of society which is both caste and gender biased. People of upper castes feel they have a birthright to rule over others. Similarly, the majority of men still have that feeling of superiority over women. Now, this is a behavioral hierarchy which is not just limited to the uppermost caste (here, Brahmins).  Similar to what happens in the corporate world, the CEO takes case of the senior management and they in return screw up their subordinates, the caste system also follows such a hierarchy. The brahmins consider themselves above baniyas, who consider themselves better than OBCs who obviously put themselves above SCs and STs of the world.

How it affects the youth?


A daughter, if allowed to work, is still questioned on her working hours by her parents whereas the son even if is killing mosquitoes at his father’s shop can spend nights outside on the streets and still is not answerable to anyone. A daughter, even if studious and intelligent, is hurriedly tied up in the association of marriage soon after her college before she gets to explore her individuality whereas the son gets all the rights to visit Thailand as many times. Indian fathers want their daughters to always be under the ‘protection’ of a man. For first 20 odd years, he “looks” after her and then he hands her over to the other man to chop off her remaining wings. Some might call it safety measures but most of the times it is patriarchy masquerading as “safety and concern” so that it feels legitimate.


The deadly combination makes the men of upper castes feel most privileged. Now obviously, these men feel the necessity to maintain the “purity” in their blood intact. Hence, they make sure their children do not spoil the family image by marrying a person of a lower caste. The problem is, these people will first boast about the respect they have earned all these years. Then you will found out that all that respect is so brittle and fake that it will go in the drain if you married in a lower caste *facepalm*.

If you have ever faced or heard about any such thing in your life, please feel free to drop in comments or you can write to me directly.

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