Obsessive Bullying Disorder: Who, Why and How!

If you have completed your school, you must have at least once in your lifetime come across people who take pleasure in belittling others. These nasty people with IQ less than 80 are not hard to locate.

Who are these people?

Commonly known as bullies, these people are the result of bad parenting. Okay, if you know you are a parent of a bully and think otherwise, drop in your comment.

These people are found flocking in groups ( because audience) and target the most vulnerable people around them (because minimum backlash). You will rarely see them bullying someone alone. Their whole purpose just vanishes in the absence of an audience.

bully identify
How to identify a bully (Source: Reddit)

Why do some people bully?

There could be various reasons depending on person to person. But the two most common ones are:

  1. Insecurities: Bullies are one of the most insecure people on the planet. Their insecurity could be driven out of unattractive looks or low grades at school. A lot of rich kids whose parents fail to make them feel secure, end up being insecure about everything. They never get to feel what it is to be loved. They are never told by anyone that they are special and important. Due to all this, they resort to belittling other people so as to feel better about themselves.
  2. Jealousy: It is a subset of point 1. A lot of times when people feel that you can steal their girlfriend or boyfriend, they will try to insult you, especially in public. Obviously, these bullies have established in their heads that you’re better than them. These are the people whom you will see boasting around about their largest d*cks on the planet.
  3. Fun: Sometimes it is possible that there is nothing wrong fundamentally in the person. It’s just that the asshole wants to have little fun in that particular moment. Such kinds do not really last long. So if you ever get caught up in this kind of scenario, do not worry. It is usually a temporary thing.

How to get rid of bullies?

Again there are three most effective ways:

  1. Ignore: Bullies just want attention most of the time. If you get even teeny beeny¬†pissed, they will sense that. That’s like giving them fodder to chew on. Simply ignore. Stop entertaining them. I know it’s easier said than done. But trust me, when you simply ignore, they do not have a lot of options left. They will get bored after a while and might look for another victim.
  2. Appreciate them: Tell them that they might be right. Tell them you do really suck. Make fun of yourself subtly. Thank them for making you realize. Ask them how they remain so cool all the time. 99% of times they won’t get your sarcasm. But now there are high chances that you have blocked all their future insults. There is no comeback to self-insult.
  3. Get on a 1 to 1: Last option to shut them forever (rarely advised) is to hit them where it hurts the most. This could be a verbal insult or a physical one. The day you get tired of all of this, just try it once. But do understand, it can lead to a bigger fight. But in the long run, no one will try to mess with you.

At last, I would like you to understand that these people too have their own problems. Do not take anything personally. They are suffering more than you’re.

1 thought on “Obsessive Bullying Disorder: Who, Why and How!”

  1. Usually, such people’s actions and words are nothing but a mere representation of their own insecurities and short comings which they try to channelise towards vulnerables by insulting them. This somehow take away the bully’s attention from their own miseries and problems for that instance. And then, this becomes like a addiction.
    Other than the bully, another problem are the people who appreciate and applaud these actions. Because of this, bully thinks he NEEDS to provide his FANS with the “entertainment”.
    Good you addressed this issue which is usually silenced!

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